GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU must carry out an exhaustive analysis of the Cookies that, through its website, can be installed on users' computer devices. Knowing their purpose, GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU must comply with article 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), as well as with the recommendations that the Spanish Data Protection Agency has published in its Guide on the use of Cookies. Likewise, it needs to have the authorization of the users for said installation.
To find out the type of Cookies and their purposes, review the Cookies Policy document that we have sent you.

  • session cookies: designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. They are usually used to store information that is only interested in keeping for the provision of the service requested by the user on a single occasion (for example, a list of products purchased).
  • persistent cookies: They are a type of cookies by which the data is still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a defined period. They have a deletion date. They are used, for example, in the purchase or registration process to avoid having to constantly enter our data.

Depending on who is the entity that manages the equipment or domain from which cookies are sent and processes the data obtained, we can distinguish:

  • Own cookies: They are those that are sent to the user's device managed exclusively by us for the best functioning of the site.
  • Third party cookies: They are those that are sent to the user's device from a computer or domain that is not managed by us but by another entity, which will process the data obtained.

When you browse the following cookies can be installed on your device:

  • Log cookies: When the user enters our website and logs in, an own and temporary cookie is installed so that they can navigate through their user area without having to continuously enter their data. This cookie will disappear when you log out.
  • Analysis cookies: They serve to study the behavior of users anonymously when browsing our website. This way we can know the most viewed content, the number of visitors, etc. Information that we will use to improve the browsing experience and optimize our services. They can be their own but also from third parties. Among the latter are the cookies of Google Analytics and those of Iadvice.
  • Third party advertising cookies: The objective is to optimize the exposure of advertisements. To manage these services we use Google's Doubleclick platform that stores information about the ads that have been shown to a user, those that interest them and whether they visit the advertiser's website.
  • Third party customization cookies: The objective is to personalize web content and make recommendations based on your interests. To do this, we may use third-party cookies and the customization platform provided by our telecommunications operator partners, who will have access to the IP address from which you are browsing and which, if you are a customer of that operator, would help us customize the recommendations on products of your interest. In addition, they will store information about the products that have been shown and those that interest each user to constantly improve the recommendations.

Configuration, consultation and deactivation of cookies


In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU informs that it is the owner of the website In accordance with the requirement of article 10 of the aforementioned Law, GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU reports the following information:
The owner of this website is GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU, with CIF B57116741 and registered office at CARRETERA ARENAL 18 LOCAL 41 07610, PALMA DE MALLORCA (ILLES BALEARS), registered in the Mercantile Registry, in volume 1874, page 106, page PM -39850 and registration 1. The company's contact email address is:

User and regime of responsibilities

Browsing, accessing and using the GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU website confers the condition of user, by which, from browsing the GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU website, all the conditions of use established herein are accepted without prejudice to the application of the corresponding regulations of obligatory legal compliance as the case may be.

The GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU website provides a wide range of information, services and data. The user assumes his responsibility for the correct use of the website. This responsibility will extend to:

  • The veracity and legality of the information provided by the user in the forms issued by GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU for access to certain content or services offered by the web.
  • The use of the information, services and data offered by GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU contrary to the provisions of these conditions, the Law, morality, good customs or public order, or that in any other way may imply an infringement of the rights from third parties or from the operation of the website itself.

Link Policy and Disclaimers

GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU is not responsible for the content of the websites that the user can access through the links established on its website and declares that in no case will it proceed to examine or exercise any type of control over the content of other web sites. Likewise, it will not guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, veracity, validity or legality of sites outside its property that can be accessed through the links.

GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures to avoid any damage to the users of its website that could be derived from browsing its website. Consequently, GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU is not responsible, in any case, for any damage that the user may suffer from browsing the Internet.


GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate, without prior notice, to the content of its website. Both in relation to the contents of the website, and in the conditions of use of the same. Said modifications may be made through its website by any means admissible by law and will be mandatory.

during the time they are published on the web and until they are validly modified by subsequent ones.

Online reservation services

GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU informs that to make online reservations you will be redirected to the web pages of the corresponding restaurants.

Data Protection

 In accordance with the provisions of the current regulations on Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will be incorporated into the treatment system owned by GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU with CIF B57116741 and registered office at CARRETERA ARENAL 18 LOCAL 41 07610, PALMA DE MALLORCA (ILLES BALEARS), in order to facilitate, expedite and fulfill the commitments established between both parties. In compliance with current regulations, GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU informs that the data will be kept for the period strictly necessary to comply with the precepts mentioned above.

We inform you that we will treat your data in accordance with the existence of your consent.

GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU informs that it will proceed to treat the data in a lawful, loyal, transparent, adequate, pertinent, limited, exact and updated manner. That is why GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU undertakes to adopt all reasonable measures so that these are deleted or rectified without delay when they are inaccurate.

In accordance with the rights conferred by the current regulations on data protection, you may exercise the rights of access, rectification, limitation of treatment, deletion, portability and opposition to the treatment of your personal data as well as the consent given for the treatment of the same, directing your request to the postal address indicated above or to the email

You can contact the competent Control Authority to present the claim you deem appropriate.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

The SSL CERTIFICATE provides authentication, privacy and security of information between GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU and the user.
GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU has a security certificate that is used by SSL CERTIFICATE to make secure connections.
In this process, several parameters are established to make the connection secure and it is established using pre-established keys, encoding and decoding all the data sent until the connection is closed.


Intellectual and industrial property

GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU by itself or as an assignee, is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of its website, as well as the elements contained therein (for example, images, sound, audio, video, software or texts, brands or logos,
color combinations, structure and design, selection of materials used, computer programs necessary for its operation, access and use, etc.), owned by GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU. They will, therefore, be works protected as intellectual property by the Spanish legal system, both Spanish and Community regulations in this field being applicable, as well as international treaties relating to the matter and signed by Spain.
All rights reserved. By virtue of the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law, the reproduction, distribution and public communication, including the method of making them available, of all or part of the contents of this website, for commercial purposes, are expressly prohibited. in any support and by any technical means, without the authorization of GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU.
The user undertakes to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights owned by GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU. You will be able to view the elements of the portal and even print, copy and store them on your computer's hard drive or on any other physical medium as long as it is solely and exclusively for your personal and private use. The user must refrain from deleting, altering, evading or manipulating any protection device or security system that was installed on the pages of GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU.


Legal actions, applicable law and jurisdiction

GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU also reserves the right to file civil or criminal actions that it deems appropriate for the improper use of its website and content, or for breach of these conditions.
The relationship between the user and the provider will be governed by current regulations and applicable in Spanish territory. If any controversy arises, the parties may submit their conflicts to arbitration or go to the ordinary jurisdiction, complying with the rules on jurisdiction and competence in this regard. GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU is domiciled in ILLES BALEARS, Spain.


In accordance with the provisions of the current regulations on Protection of Personal Data (RGPD) and Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), GROUP FERRER GESTION SLU informs users that it has proceeded to create a profile on the Social Networks Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, with the main purpose of advertising its products and services.
CIF: B57116741
The user has a profile on the same Social Network and has decided to join the page created by GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU, thus showing interest in the information that is published on the Network. By joining our page, you provide us with your consent for the treatment of those personal data published in your profile.
The user can access the privacy policies of the Social Network itself at any time, as well as configure their profile to guarantee their privacy.
GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU has access to and processes the user's public information, especially their contact name. These data are only used within the Social Network itself. They are not incorporated into any treatment system.
In relation to the rights of access, rectification, limitation of treatment, deletion, portability and opposition to the treatment of your personal data, which you have and which can be exercised before GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU, in accordance with the GDPR, should take into account the following nuances:
 Right of Access: It is the right of the user to obtain information about their specific personal data and the treatment that has been carried out or carried out, as well as the information available on the origin of said data and the communications made or planned by the users. themselves.
 Right of Rectification: It is the right of the affected party to modify the data that turns out to be inaccurate or incomplete. It can only be satisfied in relation to that information that is under the control of GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU, for example, deleting comments published on the page itself, images or web content containing personal data of the user.
 Right to Limitation of treatment: It is the right to limit the purposes of the treatment originally provided by the person in charge of the treatment.
 Right of Deletion: It is the right to delete the user's personal data, except as provided in the RGPD itself or in other applicable regulations that determine the obligation of their conservation, in a timely manner.
 Right of portability: The right to receive the personal data that the user has provided, in a structured format, of common use and mechanical reading, and to transmit them to another person in charge.
 Right of Opposition: It is the right of the user not to carry out the processing of their personal data or to cease their processing by GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU.
GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU will carry out the following actions:
 Access to public profile information.
 Publication in the user's profile of all the information already published on the GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU page.
 Send personal and individual messages through the channels of the Social Network.
 Page status updates to be posted on the user's profile.
The user can always control their connections, delete the content that ceases to interest them and restrict who they share their connections with, for this they must access their privacy settings.



The user, once linked to the GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU page, may post comments, links, images or photographs or any other type of multimedia content supported by the Social Network on the latter. The user, in all cases, must be the owner of the same, enjoy the copyright and intellectual property rights or have the consent of the affected third parties. Any publication on the page, whether text, graphics, photographs, videos, etc., is expressly prohibited. that violate or are likely to violate morality, ethics, good taste or decorum, and/or that infringe, violate or violate intellectual or industrial property rights, the right to image or the Law. In these cases , GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU reserves the right to immediately withdraw the content, and may request the permanent blocking of the user.
GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU will not be responsible for the content that a user has freely published.
The user must keep in mind that his publications will be known by other users, so he himself is the main person responsible for his privacy.
The images that can be published on the page will not be stored in any treatment system by GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU, but they will remain on the Social Network.

Contests and promotions

GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU reserves the right to carry out contests and promotions, in which the user linked to its page may participate. The bases of each of them, when the Social Network platform is used for this purpose, will be published on it. Always complying with the LSSI-CE and any other applicable standard.
The Social Network does not sponsor, endorse or administer, in any way, any of our promotions, nor is it associated with any of them.


GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU will use the Social Network to advertise its products and services. In any case, if it decides to process your contact information to carry out direct commercial prospecting actions, it will always be in compliance with the legal requirements of the GDPR and the LSSI-CE. .
The fact of recommending the GRUPO FERRER GESTION SLU page to other users so that they can also enjoy the promotions or be informed of its activity will not be considered publicity.
Below we detail the link to the privacy policy of the Social Network:
• Facebook:
• Instagram:
• Linkedin:

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