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We are a family group established in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca, which we have more than 50 years of experience in the Restaurant Sector in Mallorca”. Presided over by our founder Mr. Antonio Ferrer Munar, President of the Mallorca Catering Business Association and Co-founder of the Spanish Hospitality Federation (FEHR).

The group came to manage a total of 18 establishments with a total of 358 employees at the time that the president managed the business. In 2004 it was decided to sell a large part of the portfolio, and currently the second generation manages a total of 7 emblematic concepts and stores.

The Enjoy Group is one of the leaders in the restaurant sector in Palma de Mallorca and Playa de Palma “Palma Beach”. We lead the change in quality and positioning of modern restaurants in Playa de Palma, with more than 40,000 hotel beds, and currently undergoing a comprehensive conversion of the area to raise the level of its hotels and visitors.


The diversification of the concepts that we offer and their different positions in branding, design, interior design, look and feel, and variety of menu and gastronomic offer is the commitment of the group in Palma de Mallorca, until the consolidation of several of its concepts.

We believe in the specialization of the offer and the experience, trying to avoid the cannibalization of our product in the group, so that the uniqueness and exclusivity is a different offer every day. For this reason, each of our establishments has different characteristics in the offer and common in quality and attention to detail, offering balanced menus adapted to all audiences and tastes.

On the other hand, all our stores are designed as: Cafeteria-Bar-Restaurants-Cocktail-Music. This mix between bar-cafeteria-restaurant-cocktail bar and the importance we give to music through our dj's, has been the key to our success for more than 40 years and has become a "LEITMOTIV" for any of our current and future business We position ourselves in the market as a group that sells experiences and a "lifestyle Gastronomy". Today in the world of restaurants it is not just about selling food and drinks, it is about offering the customer a unique experience. The fusion between magical places, an extraordinary setting, high-quality gastronomy and cocktail products, and excellent customer service are the ingredients to ensure that our customers enjoy themselves. From there, the name of our group "ENJOY" has become our work philosophy.






We use km 0 as the first option for all native products of the region in Palma de Mallorca such as virgin olive oil, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables, flour, pork, lamb, some type of veal, chicken, fresh fish and fruits and vegetables generally.

The rest of the products are fresh brought in from abroad and frozen from leading brands. Cuisines of the world; We currently prepare local and Spanish cuisine, international fusion, Asian fusion, pure Mexican and traditional Italian.

In the world of cocktails, we only work with Premium brands. One of the keys to the success of our cocktails has been the use of top brand products, fresh fruits, high quality ice and botanicals for their preparation.

62% drink

38% food


We create international products, for international people. Everyone is welcome, from Spaniards to all kinds of Europeans, Americans, Asians, etc.

Currently, we can divide our target as follows: Our product offer is based on the philosophy of comfortably adapting to the majority of socio-demographic and economic profiles.

Our menus, both for drinks and food, are very proactive. Prices and product news are constantly changing, as well as offers to be more dynamic and thus adapt to the exact moment of the season and idiosyncrasies of the customer profile.

All our businesses are currently located on the island of Mallorca in Palma and Playa de Palma. Businesses positioned in front of the sea, in Premium locations for the tourist season, premises in the best streets of the capital Palma de Mallorca, in this case in Paseo del Borne, considered the best and most beautiful shopping street in all of Mallorca and our Finca, called “Sa Vinya”, in the center of the island, very close to a town called Sencelles.

Porcentaje demográfico de clientes de Enjoy Group


Banner ``unidos´´ de Enjoy Group
Presentación de conceptos básicos de Enjoy Group


We attach great importance to our human team. It is possibly the most sensitive department in a hospitality company and one of the most important to offer an exceptional service adapted to each concept.

Part of our great success and know-how is having a well-trained, motivated team with a desire to excel, dynamic, respectful, faithful and loyal. We create work teams, we train them and we create an interpersonal relationship between everyone, where the organizational chart and the position are respected, but they are also transparent, free to express themselves and in a relaxed atmosphere. Our current structure has an organizational chart that is divided into:

General Directorate: Here are all the managers of the company, administration, purchasing, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, sales.

Local management: It is made up of managing directors in charge of the part of carrying out communication with personnel, casualties, control, ranks, staff schedules, incidents and others responsible for the maintenance part.

Local: They are made up of a manager in charge of the premises or establishment (he is the person in contact with the general management and Management) and the person who decides on the premises, speaks with his team. Head chef, head of the bar, and assistants in the bar, dining room, and kitchen.

Empleada de Enjoy Group

Maria Antonia Ferrer


Manager y encargado de el Born8

alvaro sanchez

Gerente general

Daniel Cobos


Joana Amengual, se encarga de la facturación

Joana Amengual


Joana Nicolau del departamento de contabilidad

Joana Nicolau


salvatore fragliasso

F&B Manager

Sergi Lorenzo

Art director

javier lozano


Rafael Bonin, Comunity Manager de Enjoy Group

Raphael Bonin

Social Media – Customer Service

Marcus Lipp

PR – Experience Manager

Manager y encargado de el Bonito

Jose Tirado

Manager – In charge

empleado de Enjoy Group

Carlos Levas

Manager – In charge

Empleado de el Siena, Manager

John Silva

Manager – In charge

Empleado de el Siena, Manager

Vincent Garcia

Manager – In charge

Jefe de mantenimiento de Enjoy Group

Tony Ruiz

Maintenance manager

Toni Cay de mantenimiento

Anthony Cay


Ayudante en cocina de Born8


Kitchen assistant

Elias García, camarero de Bonito

Elias Garcia


Presentación Rafa Mascuñan, camarero de Born8

Rafael Mascunán


Barman de el Siena, Geovani Alvarado

geovani alvarado


Ayudante en cocina de Born8

Elna Niez

Kitchen assistant

Jefe de cocina de el Siena

Gabriel Fuster


Presentación de Jesús Ruiz camarero de Chalet Siena

jesus ruiz


Presentación camarera Lorena del Luque de Enjoy Group

Lorraine de Luque


Cocinera de Born8

Juvelyn Damascus


Camarero de Bonito, Charles Bayle

Charles Bayle


Ayudante en cocina de Born8

white libya

Kitchen assistant

Presentación de Roberto López, camarero de Ginger

Roberto Lopez


Ayudante en cocina de El Chiringuito

Elena Digon

Kitchen assistant

Presentación Noelia Carniello, camarera de Born8

Noelia Carniello


Presentación de Federico Donoso, camarero de Enjoy Group

Federico Donoso


Cocinera de el Ginger

isabella romero


Kevin Cuenca, camarero de Born8

kevin basin


Cocinera de el Siena

Marcelina Rodriguez


Ángel Hidalgo, Barman de el Born8

Angel Hidalgo


Hombre apuntando a la cámara



Cocinera de el Siena

Marcelina Rodriguez


Ángel Hidalgo, Barman de el Born8

Angel Hidalgo


Kevin Cuenca, camarero de Born8

kevin basin


Ángel Cuevas, Barman de el Siena

angel caves


CEO de Palma Beach

John M Ferrer


Co-Founder, CDO y CMO de Enjoy Group

mika ferrer


Empleada de Enjoy Group

Coloma Ferrer



We love the design! We consider ourselves a company closely linked to the world of image, branding, communication and marketing. That is why we have endowed each of our businesses with its own identity and personality and we treat each of our brands independently and uniquely when designing promotional pieces and campaigns.

We have created our own DNA for each Enjoy brand, with its own corporate manual, rules of the game, behavior and brand architecture so that each element of the premises serves as a communication channel and above all so that the perception and experience on the part of a client is the one we want. We believe in details, in the excellence of things. In this regard, we think that "the impossible only costs a little more".

We love technology and everyone online. Through our website www.enjoygroup.es customers can access a magical world, they can book online at any of the premises with a simple click, they can meet the premises from their homes with our fabulous videos and photos, they can see the menus , the menus and meet the group if you prefer.

We consider ourselves a digitized company, we have spent years taking care of our social networks, our online channels, our digital footprint. Every year we get several awards of excellence from brands like Tripadvisor and sluurpy awarded by our clients for the good reputation we have.

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