50 Jahre Qualität im Chalet Siena

This year Enjoy’s first establishment Chalet Siena turns 50 years old. Although this iconic Chalet from the 30s has gone through a number of branding, design and decorative changes, one thing remains throughout time. That is our motivation of providing quality in food, service and experience in our restaurant and thereby setting the standard for Palmenstrand.  

Ferrer family celebrating 50 years Chalet Siena

Origin Story of Chalet Siena

As one of the oldest standing establishments in Playa de Palma, Chalet Siena is full of history and memories held onto by the Ferrer family who has been managing it for 3 generations. It is an icon not only in the area but well known throughout the entire island as the place to be! Before Antonio Ferrer and his wife Coloma Amengual took over in 1972, what we know now as Chalet Siena, actually used to be Caféteria Siena. At the time, the Jaume family, who till this day remain dear friends and an integral part of Siena’s spirit, hired do, Enjoy’s consulting company. 

The competition in the area was starting to acquire significant market share, thereby harming the customer base and ultimately affecting the turnover. In order to keep the restaurant alive and profitable a drastic change was needed to reposition the business and turn the rather outdated local into a more modern restaurant that could keep up with the flow of time. The first step in creating what would become the new corporate image was to properly rebrand the caféteria starting with the change to the name Chalet Siena. Along with the name came a more premiumised concept as an upscale restaurant by the beach with the most exclusive cuts of meat. 

Culinary and Design Identity

From more traditional German dishes like Goulash, the culinary identity of Chalet Siena developed into a desire to deliver the highest possible quality standard. This practice ranges from the selection and outsourcing of ingredients to preparation in the kitchen and presentation in our menu and on the table. Our Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, Wellington Monkfish with Kataifi, Turmeric & Truffle Oil and Squid Ink Fettuccine with Salmon, Fennel and Cava are just a few examples of our drive for excellence. As previously mentioned we pride ourselves for the curated selection of meats we are able to offer. These are nothing short of the best cuts in the world.

Aside from the cuisine, what makes Chalet Siena truly special and unique is the CHALET. As it is one of the last of its kind we made sure to preserve its structure and integrity. While maintaining this foundation we reconceptualised the building’s outlook to reflect a colonial but also tropical style with centuries-old Bali root tables. This combination creates a modern and luxurious appearance that suits the Mediterranean location and at the same time embodies Siena’s history and nostalgia. Some further structural changes have been made over the years such as expanding the outside area, adding a DJ booth, opening up the interior space and adding an outside cocktail bar more recently.

Chalet Siena is Family

«What we want is what we always had, good luck, good health and a lot of motivation for the young people to work.»

Coloma Amengual, [Chalet Siena 50 years documentary]

From family business to family business we can see that the values that define Chalet Siena are still embraced today as the responsibility was passed on from the founding couple to their four children. This familiarity is not just lived out by the current executives Juan M., Mika, Coloma and María but also through the rest of the team. Among these we have managers and waiters who have been with us for multiple decades and dear guests who already frequent our restaurant for a long time. It’s the people that come together in our home that collectively make this THE PLACE TO BE.

«If we have done 50 years then I can see 50 more.»

Maria Ferrer, [Chalet Siena 50 years documentary]
Chalet Siena 50 years documentary

50 years Chalet Siena celebration


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