First post-Covid tourists

Juan Miguel Ferrer en traje

Jaume Sagalés interviews on esRadio's 'Kilometer Zero', the spokesperson for the quality brand Palma Beach, the businessman Juan Miguel Ferrer, on the occasion of the arrival of the first tourists after the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain due to the coronavirus in the framework of the Safe Tourism Pilot Program. Listen to the interview... Read more

opportunity cost

Juan Miguel Ferrer ``El coste de la oportunidad´´

by Juan M. Ferrer These next two weeks, the first post-Covid business summit directed and organized by the CEOE will be held, where the largest group of Spanish Companies and their top leaders will present the different challenges, scenarios, opportunities and weaknesses that are presented to us in the coming weeks, months and years. Yesterday the summit... Read more

Letter to Merkel

Juan M Ferrer Chester

by JUAN M. FERRER I hope you and your family are well. We hope to be able to attend to your compatriots in our "wunderschonen" Mallorca and in general to all of Spain as they deserve. They will be welcomed and desired. I say this with the utmost pride, dignity and gratitude. We see in you a political reference, a mentor, a brother... Read more

Palma Beach will open its doors on July 1 as "the safest tourist destination in Europe"

Juan Miguel Ferrer Palma BEACH

Palma Beach will return to activity on July 1. It will become an international pilot study "to learn the proper protocols and processes that will later be applied to other destinations." The Balearic Islands and Germany are planning safe air corridors that will guarantee the transport of passengers with "total guarantee of safety and... Read more

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