PETER SAX TOUR Summer 2022

The epic Peter Sax Tour was back this summer for its 3rd run of live shows at our restaurants here in Palma Beach. This year’s display of Peter Sax’s talent on the saxophone and stage, interacting with the audience was nothing short of a spectacle. He was welcomed by old fans and commemorated by new ones who booked their tables with us and received a dining experience far beyond their expectations.

Peter Sax at Enjoy Restaurants

Back in 2019 we asked him to perform at Chalet Siena. Our Siena is not just one of the oldest establishments in the area but also one of the most exclusive and premium restaurant concepts of the island located at the beachfront of Palma Beach. This is where our partnership with Peter Sax began. Since then, he has become an integral part of Playa de Palma and a recurring highlight for spectators.

This year’s summer tour started with the Opening Night in May at Emegé from the GroupMG together with DJ Tommy Riordam. We saw further incredible performances at our restaurants: El Chiringuito and Bonito as a double set. For the people who were present, you could sense the magic that the shows brought to the table and how each performance was a unique experience. Throughout the month of August Peter Sax managed to keep the energy high with a daytime Pool Party at Hotel Playa Golf and a Friday Night Show at Bikkini Beach.

During September we created the Bierstrasse Special, where guests could enjoy the shows for a whole week street, day and night. The shows during sunlight for lunch time were held at Chalet Siena to provide our customers with a very memorable meal. At night the people at Playa de Palma gravitated to the festive dinners at El Chiringuito and Bonito where the music captivated audiences beyond the restaurants dancing on the street. To close off this successful Summer Tour, amongst other venues, we invited Peter to play at our 50 year anniversary of Chalet Siena together with DJ Javi Lozano which created a beautiful full circle moment where it all began.

During the Peter Sax Palma Beach Tour 3, the live music from all performances were aired at Italiana FM for listeners who did not manage to make reservations in time, to still be able to experience the show. His joy for the audience of Playa de Palma and appeal to the crowd has been proven over and over as his third Palma Beach tour this year was met with curious new fans and plenty of returners.

Who is Peter Sax?

Behind our collaborative events and campaigns lies a very accomplished artist which played a part in how Peter Sax drew our attention. The Austrian saxophonist has an impressive portfolio. Not only is he a singer, songwriter and recording artist, but with Music Visions GMBH he founded his own record label, media design and publishing company.

In his career he has released 4 studio albums filled with original soundtracks which have been played on various tv and radio stations over the whole globe. Particularly “Feel Alive”, Peter Sax’s most successful song gained significant traction on Youtube and Spotify after it was chosen for the Mazda3 global launch campaign in 2018.

“Music has always been a big part of my life since childhood.”

-Peter Sax

This passion not just for music but also for entertainment and performing for a live audience is part of Peter Sax and his secret to success. He performs live at clubs, open air events, public spaces, private and corporate events, road shows and of course his own concerts. Who is Peter Sax? A true stage man that lives for his music and his fans which is why he is part of the Enjoy Group Family.

Peter Sax Palma Beach Tour Recap

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