The Bonito Way

The Bonito Way
The Ultimate Rooftop Party

The Bonito Way – our journey to creating the Ultimate Rooftop Party on the W Hotel for the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in just 22 days.

What is Bonito? Our brand ambassador John Beach probably said it best: “It’s about passion, it’s about life and living with joy.” That is the spirit we carried in us throughout the process of creating and accomplishing our vision. We wanted the people to experience this unique celebration of music and share this thrill with one another.

The Challenge

We were hired by the event company Hype Sauce in mid November to design, produce and execute a VIP club in the form of a 10 day music festival exclusively for the F1 final of 2021. In addition to the grandeur of the event, the 22 day deadline kept the entire team sharp and demanded of everyone to come together to deliver a performance worthy of the guests expectations. As you might guess, this tight window caused us to go through a few ups and downs while remotely creating a club-concert-like layout and stunning set design before arriving at the location.

do-experts, having more than 3 decades of experience in the hospitality industry, creating thoughtful and engaging architecture, brands, products, and environments were the perfect fit to make this dream come true. Our consulting company has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative hospitality experts firms in the field, due in large part to the integrated design process and focus on creating emotionally connected experiences. It is the physical extension that allows us to visually execute Enjoy’s brand concepts. We are quite literally extending all the way from the Mediterranean to the Middle East as our company grows internationally and our audience transcends the restaurant/bar establishments in Playa de Palma.

The Results

The documentary illustrates the commitment and effort that was put in by our team, once they touched down in Abu Dhabi and especially by the on-site workforce who worked tirelessly to build what would become a one of a kind spectacle. It was the pressure to overcome this challenge that brought these culturally diverse brands and its members together to produce something bigger than just the sum of its parts. A high level hospitality service with an exceptional food and beverage selection right on top of the most important sporting event in that period.

Once all the pieces were in place it was time to do what we do best and that is to put on a show, engage the crowd and create moments that stay with us forever. Many of our guests couldn’t help but come back and immerse themselves in the Bonito atmosphere on nights back to back. 2021 was the pop-up event, the birth of Bonito Club if you will, so we made sure to deliver, attracting the lights of Fernando Alonso, Kun Aguero, Eva Longoria and plenty of other Formula 1 drivers, footballers and other celebrities.


As the Spanish newsmagazine Touri News announced, Bonito Club is here to stay for another two years as we have renewed our agreements with Hype Sauce and W Hotel after such a successful delivery. This year the event will be even bigger. Bigger DJs, bigger investors and a bigger show. While we only had 22 days to fulfill our mission in our first rodeo, we now have 5 months as the team has already started with the necessary preparations. We are excited to welcome you once again into our world and to experience «The Bonito Way” which is to share this thrill, joy and passion for music with the ones around you. That is what this documentary is all about, giving you a glimpse into our world, the Bonito world.

Bonito Club Documentary

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